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Julia Wilson at work

I Try to Help People

I try to help people…experience their spiritual connectedness by helping them get in touch with both their tenderness and their power.  I don’t think there is such a thing as instant intimacy or instant spirituality—they are things that evolve in us.  To reach them
…we need to see that…we are born to evolve…It is a growing thing—and there is no fear in it.  Not that we haven’t heard the message before.  It’s what Christ talked about, and the Buddha, and others.  But in the past most of us…said, “They’re beyond us, they’re divine…we’re nothing but humans, so we can’t make the same connection.”
But now we know that we can.

Taken from “The 12 Step Prayer Book”
July 20, 2011
My Personal Mission Statement


I Wish I Were

I wish I were big enough to honestly admit all my shortcomings,
I am big enough to be honest, though I don’t always know what my shortcomings are and that sometimes challenges my ability to be honest.
Brilliant enough to accept praise without it making me arrogant,
Arrogance is not the issue when I am praised, humility is, I do not always think I deserve the praise I am given and therefore try to excuse it away.
Tall enough to tower over dishonesty,
I certainly have a serious problem with my ability to be honest, for I lie when it is not necessary.  I do not have to analyze what I think someone’s reaction will be when I do not want to do something.
Strong enough to welcome criticism,
I welcome criticism when it is presented in a humble way; otherwise I am quick to become defensive and angry.
Compassionate enough to understand human frailties,
I feel that I am compassionate regarding human frailties especially with newcomers.  Though with strangers I am remotely interested I will pray for them yet are unwilling to get involved due to my own fears.
Wise enough to recognize mistakes,
I am much quicker to recognize my mistakes than I have been in the past yet sometimes old mistakes are made over again because I do not learn from the first time.
Humble enough to appreciate greatness,
I am much more humble than I have been previously in my life, and I do appreciate God’s greatness everyday I open my eyes.  Though often forget to ask Him for help when I am suffering.
Brave enough to stand by my friends,
I am no where near has loyal to my friends as I would like to be, I repeatedly talk about them as if they were never my friends and if they knew may not want to be my friend.
Human enough to be thoughtful of my neighbor,
I am more thoughtful to a neighbor on the street then I am to one who lives in the house we share.  I am getting better though I recognize I need more work in this area.
And spiritual enough to be devoted to the love of God.
My spiritual condition is flaky at best lately.  I forget that God does and will continue to save me from myself if I will only give Him a chance.  I love God and speak of His great love for all of us, though still quickly forget His ultimate power of love to save a hopeless addict and alcoholic every single day from a torturous spiritual death.


Taken from “The 12 Step Prayer Book”
July 20, 2011




Service Work


...Starts by showing up, speaking up, and signing up.  

         Every group whether large or small needs someone to

                  open the doors, welcome newcomers, share from

the heart and go on commitments.


         This valuable work saved my life and could save yours

too.  We commit to our home groups and our lives opened

up in ways none of us knew were possible

until we made the effort.


Service work does a mind and body good!


                                                                                 Julie W.

                           Wilmington, DE



To Be at Peace


Do not look forward in fear to the changes of life,
            rather look to them with full hope that as they
            arise, God will lead you safely through all things.
            And when you cannot stand it,
            God will carry you in His arms.

Do not fear what will happen tomorrow.
            The same God who cares for you today
            will take care of you today and everyday.
            God will either shield you from suffering or
            will give you unfailing strength to bear it.

Be patient and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations.

Taken from “The 12 Step Prayer Book”
July 20, 2011