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From our good friend Nuclear Dave, a most amazing video from Safeshare.TV

The video triggered my imagination. I have a story idea I want to share with you.

Imagine you meet a guy with intense charisma. Steve. Everybody wants to be his friend, but he picks you to be his pal. He's shy.

Suppose he has the most amazing talents. He can walk on water. He can put a cell phone into a glass beer bottle. Or pop a cell phone totally out of existance. There's more...

What if he tells you he is from another dimension. His people are pan-dimensional. They can exist everywhere at once, or nowhere. They have been on earth for thousands of years. Their time can flow forward, backward, or not at all.

Once upon a time they were just like us. Then the Tralfamadorians came and taught his people a trick.

He has come to teach the trick to us. Blink and we change into what Steve calls "Personages". As we learn to manage our pan dimensional personage, the trick allows anyone to pick a time and place and circumstances, as you would once pick a music track. This pan dimensional perspective is well explained in Kurt Vonnegut's book, "Slaughter House Five." Life becomes what John Lennon called "Strawberry Fields. Nothing is real. And nothing to get hung about."

How do you think the investor class feels about this revolutionary trick? Threatened? Do they want to suppress it. Do they want to put Steve in a coffin he can not blink out of? Don't they realize that the trick is free for anyone, everyone who wants to be liberated including themselves?

They don't care! They believe that their existance depends on being better than everyone else! They worship at the Temple of Ps. Pride, Position, Possessions, and Power. They will do practically anything to hold on to what they have.

Will Steve be publicly executed?