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About us:

First of all, this website is my creation and I take responsibility for it. In this iterantion, we are trying to create a landing page for people responding to an ad in the Provo Daily Herald.

This is the ad running in the Provo Daily Herald.


I try to present interesting and entertaining information that might help veterans and their families. When I feel strongly and want to editorialize- I identify my opinions and comments as mine. (aw or ed.) I try to identify myself on the page by using blue text.)

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I assume most readers are veterans, or family members, so I concentrate content for this group. I read a lot about Veterans, Military, family members, and I see interesting videos. I try to discriminate and only choose good stuff to share. Disagree? Let me know. Meanwhile, Life is too short to get caught up in snarky flame wars over wether or not Sarah Palen is a barbarian.

Palin the Barbarian

This picture is intended to make you smile.

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UtVet.com evolved from The Utah County Veterans Council's Newsletter. The County Veterans Council evolved from the Provo Veterans Council which evolved from the Provo Veterans Memorial Board.

Back in 1945 Utah County passed a "mil tax" (a special property tax) for the purpose of creating veterans memorials in Utah county communities.  [Can you imagine doing that today? aw]

The Provo Veterans Memorial Board was created from the leadership of a plethora of local veteran service organizations such as Spanish American War Veterans, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, Retired Officers Association, The Marine Corp. League, Military Order of the Purple Heart, and others. The council was given responsibility to manage the veterans mil tax funds slated for Provo. 

The Veterans Memorial Pool in Provo is a prime example of the kinds of memorials built with these county tax revenues. 

During the Vietnam War, political support for the mil tax waned.  Wise men in Provo set $10,000 of the remaining funds aside for future veterans.  [when bread was ten cents a loaf, gas was twenty seven cents a gallon, and you could buy a good car for $2,499, $10,000 was alot of money.]

About 1974 the Provo Veterans Council grew out of the old Memorial Board. Their mission was to manage their resources and coordinate veterans issues and patriotic events with Provo City govenment.  Council leadership continued to represent the leadership of Korean War Veterans, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, Retired Officers Association, Blue Star Mothers, and others.

Veterans organizations continued to evolve through the ninties.  The Provo Veterans Council found itself with a board of directors comprised of regional leaders of its various veterans service organizations;  American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, Retired Officers Association, Blue Star Mothers, and Vietnam Veterans. 

The work of the Council was increasingly of a regional nature.  Council directors voted in 2003 to formally reorganize the Council as the Utah County Veterans Council.  In April, 2003 the Utah County Veterans Council was incorporated as a 501-c-19 (veterans) non-profit corporation. 

Due to illness, and other distracting family matters among key corporation directors, the non-profit corporate status of the Veterans Council was given up. We just couldn't manage the paperwork, small as it was, to report to the government every quarter.

Today, we welcome a new generation of veterans home from Bosnia, Somalia, Panama, the Philippines, South America, Afghanistan, Iraq, and 120 elsewheres.   We know from sad experience how lonely veterans can feel in the midst of a homecoming.  Sometime it seems that there is "nobody who gets it."  So the vet goes numb as secondary wounding of the psychological kind kicks in.

We urge these young vets to get in touch.  Start with a visit to your local vet center.  In Utah County call 377-1117.  There are a ton of links in this site. Check out the homepage and the two newsletter pages.

We don't claim to have all the answers.  We only claim to care. . . and to have some experience in finding needed resources needed by veterans and their families.  Check us out.

Here is your reward for reading all the way to the end of the page. It's a spoof of 'The Dark Knight.' It makes me laugh every time... But then, I'm easy.

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